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It has been over three years that I gave my life to Christ. Though I have been stumbling through those years trying to figure out what that means. Trying to get over all the worldly things that get in my way or that my attention goes to. I’m not a perfect person and I will make mistakes. This blog is for you. For the one that is trying to figure out motherhood, friendships, trying to get to the grocery store/get in and out of there quickly, and everyone that is trying to figure out this life. It goes by quickly and everything is getting crazier and crazier by the minute. How can you get everything done and still enjoy the moments? Breathe in and just read…. This if for you fellow brother or sister.


Hi! I am Cassandra. This is the part I usually struggle at, I am not good putting myself in a paragraph so you understand who I am. I am a daughter to my parents in Iowa. I am a wife. I have three children; a 5 year old girl, 4 year old boy, & 3 month old girl. We have three dogs, a cat, and 2 fish. We live in Norman, Oklahoma. (Boomer Sooner, you have to start liking football when you move here, or they kick you out. #truestory) Between taking care of my family, I like to craft pretty much everything I can on pinterest. I am trying to grow my faith more and more. I like to share my story and everything that keeps getting added to it.

Stay Tuned!


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